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Stakeholder Engagement

  • Shareholder Opinion Contact  Person:
Chen Su-Ling TEL:02-27062929 ext. 771
  • Business Services/Customer Opinion Contact Person : 
Chen Tsi-Wen TEL:02-27062929 ext. 714
  • Supplier/Third Party Opinion Contact Person: 
Li Jian-Zhong TEL:02-27062929 ext. 729
  • Jobseeker/Employee Opinion Contact Person :
Huang Su-Ming TEL:02-27062929 ext. 784
  • Regarding House Sales Opinions :
Hsieh Chia-Lin TEL:02-27062929 ext. 219
  • Report Channel Contact Person :  
Lo Shu-Qing TEL:02-27062929  ext. 761
  • Sexual Harassment Helpline : 
Huang Su-Ming TEL:02-23262784
※Service Time:Mon ~ Fri  08:00 ~ 17:30  

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