Recently, an unknown person claiming to be “ShengFa Construction Co., Ltd. / SF盛發工程 ” misappropriated the name of our company’s chairman, the CEO, other executive teams, and the content of our company's official website. Our company hereby clarifies that the offender is not a subsidiary or an affiliated company of our company, nor has our company ever authorized or permitted the offender to use the content of our company's official website. Our company calls on the public and investors to be vigilant, not to trust text messages, LINE friend links, or group invitations without clear sources, and not to send money, deliver property, or provide any personal information. In response to the suspected forgery, counterfeiting, infringement, and fraudulent behavior of these persons, our company will notify the police and relevant units to take legal action. In addition, investors who have any concerns about any of the information in the name of DACIN Construction Co., Ltd. or suspects to be related to our company may contact our company (phone number: +886-2-2706-2929) or call the 165 anti-fraud hotline to avoid damage to their rights and interests. X
DACIN Construction Co ., Ltd

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DACIN Construction Co., Ltd is an A-class construction company that mainly contracts public constructions, commercial office buildings, and residences.
DACIN Company integrates the upper-stream and down-stream business chains to release building projects through the subsidiary "DACIN development.”,
Furthermore, DACIN has expanded into the overseas real estate business, primarily in Singapore and Vietnam.

Building Information Modeling

Carry out the relevant integration and coordination of development, plan, design, and construction in building projects based on BIM.
Display the plan map, elevation drawings, profile map, and exterior materials using a model.
Reduce the coordination time between residents and architects through a three-dimensional summary and clarify
and plan for relevant questions about drawings to improve the quality of the entire building before starting project construction.
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With our most trustworthy construction engineering service team and the ISO international quality certification,
we can undertake national constructions. Our achievements lead the industry with quality that you can trust!

Hot Projects

  • OCEAN 3

    OCEAN 3

    Danhai New Town

    Xinshi 5rd Rd, Danshui City, New Taipei City.
    Area Paln 59m²~224m²
    Design by: T. D. LEE Architect; Liao, Kuo-Tung Architect; CHY Architect

  • OCEAN 2

    OCEAN 2

    Danhai New Town

    Xinshi 3rd Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City
    Area Paln 86m²~129 m²
    Design by: T. D. LEE Architect; Liao, Kuo-Tung Architect; CHY Architect

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About DACIN Construction


We constantly strive to create safe and high-quality constructions.

A long-lasting commercial reputation of a corporate brand can only be established through stable quality. We are based on sustainability as we cultivate our "management" belief among the company’s personnel and start from a management perspective to assume responsibilities as a team, advancing our company to create a better future for both our stockholders and the community.