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Top-Down Construction Approach
Contrary to the traditional method, the super structure and the basement of the building are allowed to construct simultaneously prior to the completion of the foundation slab in the top-down technique. Construction time is shortened and hence, the operation date of the project can be advanced significantly. Also, it provides a safe constructing approach for underground deep excavation. A technical threshold exists for this particular method because of the strict requirements of the craftsmanship and quality. Da Cin has successfully completed numerous top-down construction projects which is expected as the pioneer in the industry. The top down project with the deepest excavation depth is the TaiShin Building of GL - 26.2 Meters.

The super structure and the basement of the building are allowed to construct simultaneously.

For shallow excavation, digging operation can be done by using extension arm.


For deeper excavation, dipper should be used for digging operation.


Soils are removed through the opening of the slab

Excavator and bulldozer are used alternatively for longitude excavation and soil collecting.


The formwork and concreting for the secondary interface of RC columns



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