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Concrete Fill in Tube
Far Eastern Plaza is the first office skyscraper that has been built independently by the domestic contractor. It is built with 41 floors (166.2 m in Height) and 5 basements (17.9 m in Depth). One of the most difficult work items is concrete fill in tube; it is required to deliver the concrete by pumping cart up into the steel columns of 70 meters high; it has created the trend of high elevation pumping of concrete as a domestic pioneer.

The pumping cart SCHWING BP3000 and BP8000 have been purchased from Germany; it could pump the concrete up to an elevation height of 175 m and 300 m from the ground.


Owing to the high pressure at the grouting outlet during concreting, steel plate was welded to the grouting pipe at the concave section as used to fix the pipe.


After grouting operation has been completed, the gate shall be closed.



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