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TBM drives through the existing retaining Structur
The Taipei MRT CK570B project constructed by Da Cin Co. Ltd. has adopted as a domestic pioneer that the advanced TBM drives through the existing retaining structures which are underneath the tunnels of Taiwan Railway and Taiwan High Speed Rail. The drilling of the shield tunnel should not have any impacts to the operation of Taiwan Railway and to the safety of the tracks of THSR. The technical requirements of the TBM are relatively high in this particular case, and thus this breakthrough has been acknowledged as a milestone in the industry. .

The customized TBM has been equipped with protective curtains which provides additional safety measures for the workers stay outside the chamber to demolish the existing retaining walls. Also, it allows to conduct ground improvement from the TBM to the soil in front of the cutter .

Proceed with the tunneling from the launching shaft .

Next, installing the concrete segments and advance continuously

Grouting for soil improvement

Drill through the diaphragm wall and RC bored piles

The TBMs tunnel-end-face breaking operation



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