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Whatever trail we have been walking through, there must be imprints left behind! From the barehanded to a little step of achievement, from a one-man owned company of 300 hundreds dollars capital to a listed company of 3 billions revenue, the company has been establishing for 40 years; the process seems slow and long but it seems like what just happened yesterday in front of the eyes too. As to the mental journey of the enterprise founder, it represents the devotion of so many years of life and the accumulation of countless hardship; striding through the energy crisis in the 60s, breaking through wave after wave of harsh winters of construction industry. Innumerable of those in the same line of the industry have fallen down, however, I have luckily survived.

There is an old saying: It is hard to found a career; it is even not easy to maintain it. The forerunner planted the tree with deeply grown roots, the followers must realize how to nourish and take care with double efforts to irrigate. It is a pleasure seeing with my eyes that the managing team members are all excellent and superior, trying everyones best, to create brighter sale performance and profits; it is my heartfelt wish that all Da-Cinan will stride forward without arrogance and without negligence toward forever with hands in hands, hearts to hearts.


Da-Cin was founded in 1967. After the half centurys managing of efforts, although the managing performance may not be as bright as that of electronic technology industry; however, in viewing of construction, it is a domestically demanded and traditional industry, the performance achieved by Da Cin could be said barely satisfactory.

While facing the epoch of 21st century, the macro and micro environmental change will surely impact the future development of Da Cin, no matter seeing from the wider viewpoint of regional economy or from the narrower of the cross strait relationship. As an individual expectation that all Da-Cinan could base on the solid foundation stone built in the past, by holding the excellent tradition of <pragmatism> and adding the new spirits of <Wisdom, Innovation and Diligence>, to foresee the future environment change with a farsighted eye; by proposing solid idea and solution to establish a multiple-polar and internationalized tentacle in order to create a more gorgeous prosperity for Da Cin and make it feasible for Da Cin to run the business forever and become a cross-nation enterprise group of no sun fall.


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