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The company has been founded in 1967 and joined in the march of national constructions as a c-category construction factory; now it is a listed (2535) company and has passed ISO of international quality certification. For the past 40 years, the company has been elevated to a-category construction factory; no matter in construction technology, quality control, personnel safety and production capability, the company has reached the target of being ahead of the competitive peers. The company takes the individual as the most important asset and also takes human nature into consideration while planning the system and training the staffs; it is well recognized that only by potential developing and team cooperation, one could then overcome the one after one tough challenge and accumulate the reputation of high-quality.

General Contractor of the civil engineering of Road, Bridge, Tunnel and the entire developing of Hill Lands

General Contractor of Construction Engineering for Collective Housing, Business Office Building, School, Tourist Restaurant, Hospital, Whole Sale Store, Department Store, Shopping Center and Deep Digging Construction of Sky-Rising Building, etc.

General Construction Contractor of the High-Tech Plants such as: Wafer Plant, LCD Panel Plant, Glass Substrate Plant, Passive Component Plant, Packing and Testing Plant, etc.

General Contractor and Dominating Contractor of Transportation Construction such as: MRT, Railway Underground Construction, etc.
I. Employees Welfares (Employee Welfare Committee)
   1. Travel Activities and Entertaining Activities
2. Setting up Employee Organization and Studying Class of Talent and Skill
3. Subsidizing allowance for the birthday, wedding, funeral and celebration of the employees and the relevant.
4. Assisting the rescue allowance for employees injury, sickness, hospitalization, funeral and burial.
II. Insurance
   1. The employee is entitled for Labor Insurance and National Health Care.
2. The employee is entitled for Employee Group Insurance (including the spouse and non-grown-up children).
III. Health Examinations

According the ages, the employees will be arranged to take health examination.

IV. Year End Bonus
   Year-End bonus will be granted according to the company business operation status and individual job performance.
I. ERP: Currently, except some functions are customized according to the features of construction industry, the original Oracle system design has been kept to plan the automatic settlement flows of all kinds of transactions for fulfilling the management goal of internal control and human labor reduction.
II. EIP:The enterprise portal has been adopted to promote the on-line real time ratification or transmission of all kinds of administrative events or information in order to reach the management goal of transparency, effectiveness and paperless operation.


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