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Winning the Public Construction Golden Quality Award in the Seventh Session Public Construction Committee Conference, Executive Yuan.

Winning the Seventh Session Golden Quality Award bestowed on by Public Construction Committee, Executive Yuan for Taipei Metropolitan MRT System CK570B Section Bidding Construction of Hsin-Chuang Line- Award of Excellence in Civil Engineering

The highest honor in engineering world -Public Construction Golden Quality Award will be granted today (19) in the ceremony!  <The Seventh Session Golden Quality Award> has gone through a two-month evaluation process; first, it will be screened and selected in details and recommended from the nearly 30 thousands pieces of constructions in building process by various construction governing organizations, then an evaluation group formed by the relevant experts and scholars will perform repetitive considering to filter out 11 pieces of Constructions of Excellence, 7 Inspection Units and 2 outstanding personnel to be granted with this honor of highest glorious confirmation.

For enhancing the civilian high-quality living and demonstrating the national progressive paragon, a new award of has been added to in this year's Public Construction Golden Quality Award in order to enhance the ecological protection consciousness of all civilians and to elevate the civilians' concerning about the surrounding natural environment; in order to encourage the local organization to actively pay higher attention on construction quality, the evaluating and granting of awards are held separately in central and local organizations. In addition, not only placing importance on the construction performance, it emphasizes more on , the assessment weighting of environmental cleanness, road safety maintenance and labor safety and sanitation have been added to the evaluation criteria with higher percentage. The Public Construction Committee of Executive Yuan indicates that the Public Construction Golden Quality Award has been paid much attention of by the Construction Industry since its first holding; the grand award-granting ceremony each year has been always taken as a simile of Golden Horse Award in domestic construction industry.

The unit or the individual that has been granted with the award could be seen as the norm of the construction industry no matter in its spirits or in technologies, it is exactly representing ; in order to give a positive praising on those distinguished construction units and individuals, the hosting organization - Construction Committee has chosen specially the hilarious month for award granting in order for the award-winning units, organizations and the outstanding individual to share the happiness with all citizens, the scene of the ceremony was full of hilarious breath.

In this session, there are five constructions that have won the Excellence Award of High Quality Construction: in Civil Engineering Category, Taipei Metropolitan MRT System CK570B Section Bidding Construction of Hsin-Chuang Line and Taipei Metropolitan MRT System CL700A Section Bidding Construction of Lu-Chiou Line; in Water Conservancy Category, the second phase environment greening and beautifying construction of the upstream and downstream of Peng-Yuan Bridge and Hsi-Hai Village; in Ecological Construction Category, <2003 Kao-Hsiung City Public-One Construction of Artificial Wetland Building Plan (second phase)> and .

Other Messages
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   Road adoption recognition- outstanding company.
   2013 Public Works Excellence Award.
   3rd place VEnvironmental impact assessment evaluation of construction plan.
   1.5 million safety hours achievement.
   2012 Outstanding self-management site.
   2012 Award of Earth Engineering Technology.
   2012 Construction inspection Aclass.
   2012 5S job site clean work, the 2nd superior place in public construction group.
   2012 Environmental Protection Recognized Construction Site.
   2012 Road Adoption Recognition outstanding company
   MRT CG590C 5S clean movement second
   Chi Mei Museum of environmental performance
   MRT CA450A two excellent projects
   2010/11 CG590C contruction awarded the Excellence Award of ecofriendly security fence.
   2010/03 MRT-CK570 award the Diamond.
   2010/01 DACIN CA450A Team won the superior award.
   2009/12 DACIN 450A MRT Team won the award.
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   Be honored to win the 5S Management
   Being awarded the honor of First Session Public Construction Golden Security Medal by the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan.
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   Winning the Public Construction Golden Quality Award in the Seventh Session Public Construction Committee Conference, Executive Yuan.
   Winning the Praising for promoting Construction Labor Safety
   DACIN CG590C MRT project team wins two excellence.


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