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2009/04 DACIN CMMT2 Contruction Team won the award
DACIN CMMT2 Contruction Team won the superior Award of the superior quality in Construstiocn Site . That award from the Tainan Environmental protection bureau.
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   2017 Award of Engineering environment and beautification- Environment Landscaping (Excellent Award)
   Himax Technologies, Inc. PH2 plant in Tree Valley Park is recognized an environmental contribution award of air pollution control 2017 by Tainan City Government
   Ding He Yuan win a masterpiece for the 5th Fence Afforestation Selection of Taipei City construction sites in afforestation category
   Visual art award- 2016 New Taipei City green fence landscaping competition.
   Superior award by supporting road/street watering during construction of Oncology center project of national Taiwan university of medicine in Summer time.
   2015 Road adoption recognition company.
   Certificate of Recognition by Taipei City Government.
   MRT CG590C project win an excellent award of Chinese Engineers Society.
   Superior award in Beautification category - The 5th Fence Afforestation Selection of Taipei City construction sites.
   Masterpiece in Afforestation category- The 5th Fence Afforestation Selection of Taipei City construction sites.
   Road adoption recognition- outstanding company.
   2013 Public Works Excellence Award.
   3rd place VEnvironmental impact assessment evaluation of construction plan.
   1.5 million safety hours achievement.
   2012 Outstanding self-management site.
   2012 Award of Earth Engineering Technology.
   2012 Construction inspection Aclass.
   2012 5S job site clean work, the 2nd superior place in public construction group.
   2012 Environmental Protection Recognized Construction Site.
   2012 Road Adoption Recognition outstanding company
   MRT CG590C 5S clean movement second
   Chi Mei Museum of environmental performance
   MRT CA450A two excellent projects
   2010/11 CG590C contruction awarded the Excellence Award of ecofriendly security fence.
   2010/03 MRT-CK570 award the Diamond.
   2010/01 DACIN CA450A Team won the superior award.
   2009/12 DACIN 450A MRT Team won the award.
   2009/08 The Residences Mandarin Oriental lauched.
   2009/04 DACIN CMMT2 Contruction Team won the award
   2009/04 DACIN CG590C MRT team won superior award.
   Be honored to win the 5S Management
   Being awarded the honor of First Session Public Construction Golden Security Medal by the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan.
   Winning Honor of 2005 Construction Site of Excellence in Self-Governanc
   Winning the Public Construction Golden Quality Award in the Seventh Session Public Construction Committee Conference, Executive Yuan.
   Winning the Praising for promoting Construction Labor Safety
   DACIN CG590C MRT project team wins two excellence.


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