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October, 2007- Dream-Fulfilling Ambassador of Hsi-Yuan Association, Wang, Tsi-Chue

October 10th, 2007

This article was published on < Hsi-Yuan Association, October 29th, 2007 Taipei Press >

His-Yuan kid Hsiao-Tsen said: I can not believe it is true the moment I saw Wang, Chi-Chuen entering the ward! The 17 years old patient Hsiao-Tsen went to the hospital for therapy treatment two years ago because of suffering from Acute Marrow Leukemia. After one year's tough chemical therapy, the tumor recrudesces. He is going to accept the transplantation operation of surrounding blood stem cell. In order to encourage Hsiao-Tsen, the hospital social worker and his family member embolden her to make a wish to the Hsi-Yuan Association, because Hsiao-Tsen has been a long time supporter of DaCin basketball team, she then made a wish of seeing the smartest basketball player in her mind- Wang, Tsi-Chuen.
The Hsi-Yuan Association, dedicated to assist the 3 to 18 years old children with life-threaten ill to make their dream come true, has received this dream-fulfilling task in mid-September and known that Hsiao-Tsen is going to take the transplantation operation; they immediately contacted DaCin basketball team for help; Wang was then preparing for the Guan-Hu Cup contest in Hua-Lien, he indicated that he was so moved by the girl since he had been suffered from brain concussion and rested for half year due to an accident in the contest; he has been experienced of the preciousness of the health in the hospitalized days and could heartily realize the feeling of the kid patient; he would be very willing to make a dedicated visit to see Hsiao-Tsen at the hospital after the contest ends.
On the day of October 10th, Wang, Tsi-Chuen came quietly to the hospital in central Taiwan; in order to give Hsiao-Tsen a surprise, he specially put on a doctor gown and pretended to be a doctor, pushing the cake (cart) into Hsiao-Tsens ward; beyond the expectation, Hsiao-Tsen immediately recognized the doctor is the big brother Wang Tsi-Chuen whom she admires very much; she shed tears of joy on the spot. Wang brought the basketball and a shirt of DaCin basketball team as the gifts to Hsiao-Tsen; she was greatly surprised. The Hsi-Yuan Association that has arranged this dream-fulfilling plan had also design the "Obstacle Overcoming" game to make a test of tacit understanding between the fan and the players. The contents of this activity include shooting contest and warming 5 consecutive dribbling contest; just as expected, Hsiao-Tsen and Wang have shown super perfect partner of tacit understanding, they had not only successfully overcome the obstacles, Hsiao-Tsen has also received a gift of "Obstacle Overcoming"- a pair of sport shoes with
Wang's autograph, Hsiao-Tsen holds the shoes tightly in hands and likes it very much. When the game was over, Hsiao-Tsen helped to wipe the sweat for the hard fighting Tsi-Chuen brother, Tsi-Chuen was considerately handing over the cake to Hsiao-Tsen; they conversed with each other in encouraging words during the warming afternoon tea break time.
At the ending hour of this dream-fulfilling activity, Hsi-Yuan Association sent Hsiao-Tsen a gift of Hsi-Yuan bear; The Hsi-Yuan bear that represents the dream will come true is to bless her with the power of fulfilling the dream to continue to fight against the demon of illness; Hsi-Yuan kid Hsiao-Tsen was representing the Hsi-Yuan Association giving Tsi-Chuen brother a souvenir to express the appreciation as well as wish him to have brighter and warmer performance on the basketball field. Hsiao-Tsen's family who accompanied her all the way were deeply moved with red eyes when seeing Hsiao-Tsen's rejoice appearance. Hsiao-Tsen's father said: This is the day she smiles the most and the brightest since she has been ill for two years. He was so appreciated of the help of Hsi-Yuan Association and Wang, Tsi-Chuen. Hsi-Yuan Association is convinced that after Hsiao-Tsen has received the encouragement of the dream that came true, she surely is able to more bravely face the therapy. Everyone blesses that Hsiao-Tsen could recover sooner and could go to the contest field to yell for Wang, Tsi-Chuen.

Instruction of Photos:
1. Tsi-Chuen and Hsiao-Tsen Family
2. Tsi-Chuen and Hsiao-Tsen play the interesting 5 consecutive dribbling
3. Tsi-Chuen and Hsiao-Tsen cut the cake and wish a smooth and successful operation
4. Tsi-Chuen, Hsiao-Tsen and Members of Hsi-Yuan Association

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