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December, 2007 - Love Delivering at Christmas by Tien-Lei

December 17th, 2007
Tien-Lei called on a Children's Home located at Yung-Ho for a Love Visit. He put on a costume of Santa Claus to dispatch the gifts; preparing the Christmas socks in the kids rooms and hanging the socks on the Christmas tree; he also played the tiny games with the kids for experiencing the activities like basketball slam dunking, etc.

Instruction of photos:
1..Presenting of Tank you letter by the
Children's Home:  the children present the Thank You Letter to brother Tien-Lei in honor of the Children's Home
2. While the children are in the class, Tien-Lei put the gifts in the kids room and on the Christmas tree; wishing to give all a surprise.
3.The kids of
Children's Home happily put on the gifts presented by the ball team.
4. Tien-Lei plays the basketball with the children to let them experience the feeling of slam dunking.


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